WPP Resists Breakup Demands

WPP PLC's interim management is criticizing analyst demands for a breakup of the world's largest advertising group following founder Martin Sorrell's departure.
 The 73-year-old's exit as WPP chief executive last weekend, after an investigation into an allegation of personal misconduct, has financial analysts performing sum-of-parts valuations for WPP's ad empire.

Google Ad Blocker Called Biased

Google's Chrome browser has begun blocking certain types of online advertisements, a change Google is describing as user friendly.
 But some in the industry say the ad giant's move, which took effect Thursday, is selfserving, and they contend Google overly influenced the process that selected which ad types to block.

Make Surge Pricing Work - Without Turning Off Customers

ANYONE WHO HAS taken Uber during a rainy rush hour has encountered surge pricing, where companies charge a premium when demand is highest. The practice has many advantages--boosting revenue and reducing congestion among them --but it can also alienate customers, who might object to a spike in prices just when they need the service the most. So, is surge pricing a good idea for companies?

At Twitter, Trump Is Star and Headache

The deactivation of President Donald Trump's Twitter account by a rogue employee was the most public sign yet that Twitter's greatest star can also cause the company great headaches.
 Twitter blamed the incident— which took Mr. Trump's @realdonaldtrump account offline for 11 minutes late Thursday—on actions taken by a customer-support employee on his or her last day of work. Twitter said it was taking measures “to prevent this from happening again.”