Facebook's Scandal of Fake Celebrity Ads

If you use Facebook, you might have seen ads for “Dr. Oz's Diabetes Breakthrough,” promising to cure diabetes and regulate blood sugar in two weeks. Friends and viewers wanted to know if it was legit. It wasn't.
 Similar ads have been plastered across the web: Kelly Ripa leaves show to launch antiaging wrinkle cream. Denzel Washington uses these all natural pills to cure his ED.
 Bill Gates says these brain boosting pills will double your IQ. These bogus endorsements are a pervasive problem. They not only dupe consumers out of hard-earned cash, they jeopardize health. Tech companies have ignored the problem for far too long.

Media Executive Tries New Tack on Ads

At the annual advertising festival on the French Riviera two summers ago, top New York Times Co. executive Meredith Kopit Levien sipped rosé with marketing executives from Samsung Electronics Co.
 She brought a high-profile guest: Times columnist Maureen Dowd. At Samsung's virtual- reality installation, the group took turns trying on the latest goggles to immerse themselves in an interactive theater experience. A formal ad-sales pitch soon followed from Ms. Levien's team.

What's an Online Ad Worth? Blockchain May Help With That

Digital advertising has a serious problem: fraud. Widespread fraudulent practices are inflating measures of the traffic that digital ads attract, leading some advertisers to pay higher rates than they should.
 Can blockchain fix it? A handful of blockchain startups believe so. They argue that a shared digital ledger to authenticate and safeguard advertising data, a transparent exchange for trading digital ads, and a special ad-focused browser that pays its users in tokens could each help fix that multibillion-dollar problem.

WPP Veteran Emerges as Top CEO Choice

WPP PLC executive Mark Read has emerged as the leading contender to become chief executive of the advertising giant, according to people familiar with the matter, following the departure of founder Martin Sorrell.
 Ad industry veteran and former WPP executive Hamish McLennan, another top candidate, is no longer in the running, the people said.
 Mr. Read is a longtime WPP executive who was elevated to the role of co-chief operating officer in April when Mr. Sorrell left the company.

Ads That Follow You Get New Scrutiny

KIM MERRIKIN spent a lot of time online last year researching which car she wanted to buy. Soon, the communications manager at a Seattle nonprofit noticed car advertisements on the websites she visited, even for specific cars she had just researched. In December, she bought a new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. The ads didn't stop.
 “A week after I bought a car, these ads were still in my feed,” she says. “They were totally following me to every site with ads on it that I went to.”

Ad Boycotts May Work, But Not for Very Long

In the social-media age, ad boycotts receive more attention, but that trend hasn't made them more effective.
 In the past year or so, several brands have been pressured by consumers and activists to pull their ad spending from controversial outlets. Last spring, a number of brands fled Google Inc.'s YouTube when their ads began running alongside extremist content on the site. Companies have also joined ad boycotts against Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham of Fox News.

The New Ad Agency: Consulting Firms

COMPETITION IN THE advertising industry used to mean little more than Madison Avenue agencies vying with each other for business.
 Now an agency's competitors include Silicon Valley giants such as Alphabet Inc.'s Google and Facebook Inc., who are cutting out the middleman and working directly with advertisers.
 Meanwhile, a growing number of ad-agency clients are building in-house advertising capabilities. And consulting firms including Accenture, Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers have

The Rise of Do-It Yourself Advertising

Last July, Intel Corp. set out to film polar bears in the Arctic with a chartered ship and a skeleton crew of around 13 people, including internal creative directors, producers and drone specialists.
 The crew, on a mission to make a video promoting the role of Intel's drone technology in climate research, dealt with stormy seas and a dwindling food supply — the team chipped away at a smoked reindeer leg and noshed on Ritz crackers and lettuce when the four-day trip

How to Beat the Zuckerberg Casino

Revelations about pernicious advertising by Russian operatives, chicanery by Cambridge Analytica, and questionable sharing of user data have left many Americans skeptical about Facebook. But now that we recognize the potency of its promotional tools, organizations of all sizes need to do a better job of harnessing them.
 Those who would benefit most from paid Facebook outreach — small businesses, nonprofits, artists and activists — are often wariest of using the platform. Microtargeting tools like those that made the Russian campaign ads effective can seem confusing to inexperienced users.

P&G Backs Couric's New Video Project

Does a brand-name journalist need a brand-name platform to succeed?
 Nearly a year after leaving Yahoo, Katie Couric is betting that the answer is no. Instead, she is striking out on her own, expanding her own production company with outside investment so that it can find its own sponsors and distribution outlets.