Case Studies

A Chat With Neustar's Michael Schoen: Solving the Identity Crisis

While today's CMOs have access to an unprecedented amount of customer data, making use of that information in an effective, strategic way is a huge challenge for even the most data-savvy brands. Finding customer intelligence solutions that can help make sense of all of that data — starting with clearly identifying customers across all channels — is key. We spoke with Michael Schoen, Vice President and General Manager of Marketing Solutions for Neustar, who provided some expert advice for bringing data to life.  

Behind the Tide Super Bowl Ad

THE TIDE ADS that peppered this year's Super Bowl are expected to stir up a buzz at Cannes this week. The detergent maker was a big winner the night of Feb. 4 with its series of spots parodying stereotypical TV ads, including plugs for low budget insurance, beer, a new car, and even an Amazon Alexa ad. The one thing all of the Tide ads had in common: the spotlessly clean clothes everyone wore, as David Harbour, star of the Netflix hit “Stranger Things,” points out each time.

What Tiffany & Co. Learned About Mobile From Watching Its Competitors

An icon like Tiffany & Co., the final word in luxury goods for 180 years and counting, might not seem to need business pointers from anyone. But it turns out that when it comes to mobile, at least, the famous brand has learned a great deal in recent years—in part from watching its competitors.

How to Create a Successful Limited-Time Offer

For more than 30 years, there has been a much anticipated product on the McDonald's menu: The McRib. This grandfather of limited-time offers has been offered sporadically around the country on a local or regional basis. McRib lovers are such a rabid bunch that they created a website to help one another find the sandwich in McDonald's locations.

A Marketer's Worst Nightmare: How To Overcome A Poor Yelp Rating

The Yelp online review platform is a customer-driven resource where users can leave feedback for a business based upon a recent experience. Some people make creating Yelp reviews their life’s work, and there is not an easy way to prove if the review is honest or posted fraudulently.

What Do We Know? How to conquer unconscious ignorance


To develop skills, it's vital to get people to realise what they don't know. However, it has been shown that 'not knowing that you know' is a dead end from the learning and teaching point of view. Let's look at why.     
There are two senses of knowing. The first is awareness of self, and the second is knowledge of the world. There are four possible combinations