The Future of Digital Marketing In a Data-Privacy World

COMPANIES HAVE LONG collected data on consumers to determine what people want and who their potential customers might be.
 But for anybody doing in business in Europe, how they go about collecting that data just got a lot more difficult. And corporate marketing departments are rushing to figure out what to do next.
 What changed everything?

If this software actually works, it will change advertising

There was confirmation last week that Google and Facebook are taking just about all the new money spent on digital advertising, now everything’s gone mobile. But how much of this spend is completely wasted? Are corporates enriching a couple of digital duopolists for little or no obvious return?

16 Social Media Tips from World-Class Marketing Pros

The difficult thing about social media is that it is ever-changing. What works today as a best practice, doesn’t tomorrow and the platform that is all the rage this afternoon is suddenly less important to your demographic over the weekend. We’ve seen it with Instagram’s massive growing following and MySpace’s diminishing one.

The Most Successful LinkedIn Headlines and Topics of 2016

I was idly running some searches on BuzzSumo last week when I noticed some patterns for LinkedIn content. I decided to explore it a little further by analysing the most successful headlines and topics. I have shared my findings in case they are of interest when developing your LinkedIn content strategy.