8 Marketing Project Management Software Must Haves

On the surface, marketing management seems like every day, common sense project management. After all, it’s just creating a lot of copy and pretty pictures right? However, every aspiring marketing manager quickly discovers that marketing project management doesn’t follow the same rules as traditional project management. Marketing projects come in a bewildering variety from weekly blog posts to global product launches. Small marketing projects require extreme agility. Big bang marketing projects require detailed tracking and cross-functional coordination. Social media marketing and public relations are essentially sales. And, high volume marketing production is more like a manufacturing process than a project.

Customer loyalty programs make for a marketer’s secret weapon

Almost every company has a customer loyalty program. If you want your marketing scheme to be successful, you'll start one too.

If you look around at the leading companies and brands in your industry, you’ll notice that just about every one has some sort of customer loyalty program in place. This isn’t a coincidence. If you want to maximize your marketing efforts, you need to have one as well.

How to Navigate the River of Marketing Data

It’s not too surprising that the world’s biggest companies have, over the years, turned marketing data science into, well, a science. Having hundreds of thousands or hundreds of millions of customers, after all, means not only keeping them straight but managing your outreach to them. The best global marketing campaigns are major data managers. They squeeze every dime from every potential customer, return visitor and repeat consumer. And they find new customers too.

5 Ways Marketers Can Avoid Legal Problems

Marketing is one of the key factors for growth of every organization. It helps to develop client relationships and leads to huge profits. But with this, one must be careful about legal issues associated with marketing strategies. In the fast-moving world of marketing, it’s hard to know if your campaign is edgy and exciting, or if you’re stepping on someone else’s toes by plagiarizing their work.

Chime shareholders to vote on WPP-Providence acquisition on 14 September

Shareholders of Chime Communications are to vote on the proposed £374m acquisition of the firm by a consortium of WPP and Providence on 14 September, with the acquisition expected to be completed in the following month.

In a statement to the stock market today (21 August), Chime said its independent shareholders – which excludes WPP, whose current stake in the business is around 20 per cent – will vote during a meeting in London on the afternoon of 14 September.