Jeffrey Hollingsworth

Jeffrey HollingsworthMarketingBurleson, TX
-Work ExperienceMarketing
Peaceful Partners Marketing group-December 2012 to December 2013
Company sold. Marketing a Mobile App to reach the gospel and to equip churches with the best technology available.
Milestone Companies-March 2011 to December 2012
I was hired to raise capital to build apartments and townhomes. I raised $5.9 million and sold out the fund.
Accolades-2003 to 2010
Top ten broker dealer award with Woodbury Financial Services. 2004-2008 Top producer with Hartford Insurance. 2006-2008 top 5 producer with Metlife Investors.
Prudential Insurance Company-1983 to 1990
1983-1990 . Duties were to maintain a block of existing business and to promote and write new business. Always ranked at or near the top in production.
Trevcore Financial Services: I opened my own insurance agency and investment firm in April of 1991 and operated it until March of 2011. Duties were owner and operator and to produce enough business to maintain a staff of up to 11 people and keep 5 offices open. Also I became Securities licensed and produced Variable Annuities and Variable Life insurance products. Always ranked at the top of many companies and my broker dealer. The company closed down in March of 2011 due to divorce.
EducationAccounting, Business
College of Southern Idaho1982 to 1983
Business Law, Finance
University of Wisconsin1980 to 1982


Peaceful partners: closed due to unpaid office lease.  See lawsuit. Where's the App?

Milestone: Fund ordered by Washington State Securities to cease and desist due to violating securities act.  Mr. Hollingsworth took investors money without providing paperwork.  See Washington State and Texas Insurance. SEC. 

Trevcore Financial Services: Closed due to unpaid office rent, see Pierce County lawsuits. FINRA Broker Check #1496508 lawsuits, IRS tax debt. See Tarrant County Texas DBA assumed names for 2009.  Prior to Trevcore worked at Texas American Insurers. 

Education: 1 year at University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Ask for enrollment letter, no degrees.   

Agreeing with the first post on here! You nailed it!!!

I know first hand he did all of these things, Jeff Hollingsworth should be sitting in jail right now!

He's a liar! Destroyer! Cheat! Fraud! Con-artist! Lazy! Narcissistic/sociopathic personality!

If he had an ounce of decency in him he'd make good on his debts to those he once called friends.

Now, he just filied bankruptcy, he thinks he off scott free, makes me sick!

Jeff, if you are reading this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start making payments again, you said you couldn't hurt anyone but you've hurt me beyond belief! It will help the sting & those scars you left behind by paying back what you owe! You know who I am.... Do the right thing for once in your life!







(Jeff, do the right thing, pay your debt in WA you know who I am)